Fleet Operators & Corporates

As the operator of a large fleet of trucks you need to be able to satisfy cost, efficiency, safety and due diligence requirements with no grey areas. Anything that does not add to the certainty and predictability of your operation is a risk.

Our technology is proven in respect to all the above criteria.

Regarding cost, our product represents extremely good value in the market. The significant cost savings however will only accrue via operations over time.  Our product is the only product in this space that does not require regular servicing of diesel motors or the replacement and disposal of banks of batteries. Once installed our product has virtually no requirements for servicing. In the extremely unlikely event that one of our units was to fail we will switch in another unit to get your truck back on the road and productive as soon as possible.

If you run a large fleet of vehicles and want reliable and cost-effective sleeper cab cooling systems in your business, please call Chiltek today to organise an assessment of your requirements.

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